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Promotion of other forums in the theadsensefamily forum is prohibited

Discussion in 'Theadsense Family Announcements' started by Adekunle, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Adekunle

    Adekunle Am Born To Win Staff Member Jr.Vip

    if you want to promote your blog, let's use the shorten link program.

    But From now on, promotion of other forums in any form is prohibited ....

    it is still permited to request a review on the SITE REVIEW , even then only once. If there is a multi-user requesting a review of the same site/forum, the two of them will be deleted.

    I will forbid it for as long as it is. No need to pretend to share information by including references and frills "as complete as read on" I'll delete your account too. You may share by including a reference to the forum url on the condition that the content posted here is the same as the copy alias from the source blog/forum .... If you still find a forum promo thread, ask for help so it can be reported so that it can be locked. If anyone dares to create another forum promo thread after posting this announcement, besides the thread....


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