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China Acoustic Absorbing Panels Acoustical Fabric Panels for Church Room Decorations

Discussion in 'Theadsense Family Lounge' started by Abah Moses, Sep 12, 2022.

  1. Abah Moses

    Abah Moses Jr.Vip Jr.Vip

    China Acoustic Absorbing Panels Acoustical Fabric Panels for Church Room Decorations

    Founded in 2011, FabricAcousticPanels has been engaged in construction field for more than 10 years. Today FabricAcousticPanels has become a well-equiped enterrprise integrating R&D, Design, Production and Sales. Large working area, new production lines for acoustic panels and sound absorbers guarantee our strong production capability. OEM & ODM is acceptable here.

    Our products are very popular in China and have been sold to customers of commercial contractors, construction contracting firms, excavating based firms, etc. InteriorUVDesign provides overall architectural design and interior design services, aiming to provide sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to support your operations and lifestyle. ZJGNQJ is a plumbing company located in Dublin, established more than ten years ago, specializing in household and commercial plumbing, gas boilers, showers, plumbing, bathroom renovation. NEGJDJ offers commercial real estate services: CT and FL office, retail and industrial leasing, sales and purchase brokerage, construction, general contracting and facility management. CQDXBF is an employee-owned company with a streamlined organization, dedicated and well-established track record, including the new build, upgrade and refurbishment of existing vessels.

    OEM Conference Room Acoustic Absorption Decorative Fabric Wall Panels Sound Panels

    Here is a list of finished projects: National Supercomputer (Jinan) Center Lecture Hall, Shaanxi Ankang Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen Liuxian School Lecture Hall, Xiamen Jinshan Primary School Auditorium, Case of Qianjin Cinema in Zhuzhou, Hunan, Shenzhen Longhua Cinema Project, etc.

    We are a small company who is looking after some soundproofing material, because We have a gym area, that the sound is going throw the wall/roof and up to the neighbors, can you help us with some product We can install in the wall and roof, so the noise/ sound can disappeared? We will need about 300sq. meters. We can also come to your fabric to see what kind of products you have, then we can make a final deal. It's yours products CE certificate?

    Need 130 sqft grey grooved acoustic panels please quote asap. I am Interested in the following products for which I expect to see much interest in the Indian market.

    I am the Technical Sales Developer from Acoustics Solutions, UK. I was wondering if I can get a price list from you. At the moment We are working on many projects in which could be considered.

    OEM Conference Room Acoustic Absorption Decorative Fabric Wall Panels Sound Panels

    Our range of products are usually currently being used for projects including country club, lecture theatres, community special school, university engineering research center, health clubs, court building, badminton hall project, busy call centre, exhibition centre, training hall, fitness corridors, etc.

    Our products are widely sold to Chinese and global customers, such as Poland, Canada, Singapore, India, Netherlands, Myanmar, United States, Moldova, Italy, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Saint Lucia, and so on.

    Website: https://www.fabricacousticpanels.com/product/ceiling-acoustic-baffles/

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